Watch Party: Lord of the Rings

18 - FOTR Part 2: The Shadow of the Past - with Dennis Wilson Wise!

September 22, 2021

"And now the Ring had drawn him here. He will never be rid of his need for it. He hates and loves the Ring, as he hates and loves himself. And feel free to give him a nice open palm smack on the behind as you would for a saucy female who steps out of line."

Happy Hobbit Day! Today we are joined by Dennis Wilson Wise, PhD, who shows us that teachers can be both Wise and funny! A Lecturer in the University of Arizona’s Writing Program, Dr. Wise studies the intersections between political theory and modern fantasy literature, science fiction, and horror, and recently authored an article discussing Peter Jackson’s postmodern transformation of the character of Bard in his adaptations of the Hobbit, which will be published in the upcoming edition of the Tolkien Studies Journal.

Together we are discussing 25:30 - 46:42 of The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition). We pick up after Bilbo's disappearing act at his birthday party. Bilbo gives up the Ring, Gandalf has questions that need answering, we meet the Nazgul, and Frodo sets out on his journey. 

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Intro and Outro Music: Sunday For Larks, written by Matthew Rolland and performed by Run Boy Run.

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